Volunteer in Focus

Nadine Armstrong

Nadine Armstrong is one very special lady who has embraced hospice and has become the top individual fundraiser. While working part-time at the YMCA she met Judy Mauck, Executive Director. They got to talking about all the good things hospice does for the terminally ill and their families.

As a result, Nadine, on her own initiative, decided to support hospice by knocking on doors and asking for funds. This will be her fourth year of canvassing neighbors while out getting her exercise. She has been extremely successful! To know her is to understand why.

Nadine is very personable and easy to know as she always has a warm welcoming smile. The work and commitment of people like Nadine is why Rockbridge Area Hospice is itself special.

We know there are more Nadines out there and we hope you are one of them!

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