Is Your Patient Ready?

Rockbridge Area Hospice has identified factors that most often indicate that hospice may be appropriate. Determining when a patient is appropriate for hospice can be difficult, answer the questions below for assistance with hospice eligibility. When you click “Submit” we will calculate medical appropriateness for hospice based on these answers.

Is Your Patient Ready?


Is the diagnosis chronic, progressive, or incurable?

Unintended weight loss of >5% within past three months?

History of infections within past 3 months (i.e. pneumonia, upper UTI, septicemia)

Frequent hospitalizations or ER visits

Decreasing ability to care for self independently

Presence of chronic, potentially progressive co-morbidities, such as: Pulmonary disease, cardiac disease, diabetes, neurologic disease, renal failure, liver disease, AIDS/HIV, dementia, decubitus ulcer.

Patient of medical POA expresses desire for patient to be kept comfortable without "heroics" or life-prolonging treatments

You would not be surprised if the patient died within six months

Click submit to see if your patient is eligibile for Rockbridge Area Hospice Services


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