We love our volunteers. You can help too.

There are many ways to volunteer at Rockbridge Area Hospice including:

Office: Answering phones, processing mailings, writing thank you cards, filing, etc.

Patient Care: Sit with a patient to allow the caregiver to run errands, attend meetings, or keep appointments for their own care — Hospice recognizes the need for self care of caregivers lest they ‘burn out.’

Extended Care / Vigil Volunteer: The extended care / vigil volunteer is available to patients and their caregivers at critical times such as approaching death, the lack of a caregiver in the home, the need for caregiver to have an extended break from caring for the patient. Areas of involvement may include patient care, family service, professional and/or advisory capacity.

Special Events: Volunteers form task forces for each event which Rockbridge Area Hospice hosts. The degree of time invested varies for each individual and for each event. Execution of each event may require many volunteers. For example, a group of ten volunteers may take two hour shifts, two at a time, to run an information booth at a community celebration.

Bereavement: With several hours of specialized training, volunteers assist the Bereavement Coordinator in making contact with family members who are working through their first year of grief.

Other: Volunteers serve in many other capacities according to Rockbridge Area Hospice needs. For example, hardware and programming expertise is costly, yet Rockbridge Area Hospice is fortunate to benefit from volunteer advice.

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