Olivia’s Story

Olivia’s words were recorded for her while she was under the care of Rockbridge Area Hospice.  She passed away soon after they were written.  Her words are reprinted with permission as she wanted others to hear her story and know the passion she felt as a volunteer and a patient. Following is an excerpt from that testimony.

“I cannot walk, talk, swallow or do many things for myself. I called (Rockbridge Area) Hospice to help me. What a relief I felt. They knew what I was going through and how to help me. Being on both sides of Hospice has been a wonderful and grateful experience.

Rockbridge Area Hospice is such a helpful and successful organization. I just wish more people knew about them and used them. They can always use monetary support and volunteers. Don’t forget to help them in anyway you can.  They are always there, ready to help you.”

Olivia is one of our Charter Legacy Society members.  Along with others from our community, they are all individuals who never met,  yet share in an important role within our organization, each named Rockbridge Area Hospice as a beneficiary in their will. Each believed in the mission and wanted to ensure that the care they received at end of life will be available for generations to come.

Join Olivia and become a member of our Legacy Society with your planned gift. Call Judy Mauck, 463-1848, for more information.

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